Tuesday, May 6, 2008

'I'll never get enough of you'

Hua Hin Trip
May 4-5, 2008
Head counts: 5 little monkeys and 10 adults (try-to-be)
Mission: Living life

The outcome: Food testing tour

Journey #1 Hideaway Resort
image from the web site

The 'Hideaway' sign that looks more like 'Amway' from this angle.

surrounded by pool

One of those little monkeys (guess which one is it?)

Journey #2 'Bann Ta-Le-Dao' Resort
(The house of The Ocean and Star)

The entrance

Reading corner - perfect for the afternoon coffee and a quick nap

The route to our suite - which sits next to the sea...

yet has only a swimming pool cut in between

view from our suite

So long!

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