Friday, April 25, 2008

BIG+BIH = Awesome

April 25, 2008

BKK International Gift Fair+BKK International Houseware Fair
TRADE: 17-20 APRIL 2008 / PUBLIC: 21-22 APRIL 2008

Just so you know I'd put 'too' much effort in order to get some pictures from the International Gift/Houseware Fair to post on the blog as promised. I went to the fair on the "Trade" Day, and then went back again on the "Public" Day. I dragged my (heavy) camera along, just to find out it ran out of the battery. (GOSH!) So, I had to take a day off from work and went back to shoot some photos. It's the first time my blog showcases some cool local design. As you can see how WOww they really are, especially houseware - took my breath away just to look at a one-of-the-kind collection - and unbelievably inexpensive. I wish I had my own place now so I'd fill the space in with those furniture. Unfortunately they did not allow us to take a photo of the masterpieces. I've recorded everything into my brain though. The fair is held twice a year - Summer and Fall. Surely I would find my way back there in October!!

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