Thursday, April 9, 2009

What? Am I officially 35 (!)

APRIL 9 2009

35 years ago, I was born into the world on this day, the ninth of April. Since then, I've been fond of the '9'. It has always been my lucky number. I had made a big birthday plan for this special day but it went down the drain because of Politics crap (again).
The anti-government rally is going overboard. At this exact moment they're making a demonstration but not in the allowed area. They're stomping down several streets, which happen to be in the heart of the city causing traffic chaos and streets shutdown. I was on my way to meet up with Tim and Toon for dinner & drinks but had to run back home for safety's sake. Nobody knows how nasty it's going to turn out. Anyway, I've completed my mission today - things I wanted to do on my birthday. At least I'm not wasting my entire day on that silly demonstration.
Thanks to you who remembers my birthday. Thanks for the text messaging, emails, phone calls, e-birthday card, and live birthday song over the phone - they all have made my day. some little thing that made me smile - better than expensive presents. Happy birthday to me.. in the next 5 years, it won't matter and I would stop counting... Alas.

(APR 14 2009) Political Update: It's ended.. bravo! I think they must have been satisfied with their accomplishment - to show the world how uncivilized the country is. Bad apples. sigh...