Sunday, August 2, 2009

WEB experience

AUG 3 2009

Hi friends. I'm back. Feel guilty I should have written to you more often but I've been super busy. Here's a recap of what I did back in July.

I've been into WEB learning stuff, especially SEO (Search Engine Optimizations), Open sources - wordpress, and E-commerce business. I've heard about those fancy tech terms for a long while but never paid attention to it until a few months ago. I have to admit I'm officially a wordpress mania. LOL. Learning the technical stuff helps me build a better understanding of E-commerce business. Though I've come up with several new business ideas through the learning process. I've made a list of things-to-do which is long enough to cover my AUG-SEP schedule already. is my BABY. The web site has been updated frequently. It now offers several sections: product reviews, design resources, and even freebies! I'll start communicating through from this point onward. I'll keep updating my life on this blog as usual and will be writing on a.angkana on a regular basis. So, if you miss me, you know where to find me :) Oh..I need your inputs too. I need to know if a.angkana web site is user friendly. How do you feel about navigation bars? Do you find what you look for easily? Give me your 2 cents (or more!) Write to me at

Brand Applique is not doing so great. Other ETSY sellers complain about the slow market too. Some said things will pick up when Summer's over. Contrary to domestic market, a.angkana product sales look promising. So in case you want to know what I'm selling in the local market. Let's meet it.

Guys.. you can leave now. But girls this is your lifesaver.
It's the handbag dust cover. Design is very simple but the dust bag is made of water-proof/UV protection fabric. It comes in various sizes. That the largest size can fit LV Speedy family. The coolest thing about the bag is it'll protect your expensive handbags from humidity and light, which original dust bag that comes with handbag can't do the job. How great is that! Anyway, that's why it's doing so well. I'm selling them in a specific community site where people who love name brands trade and purchase expensive merchandise.

My goal this month is to launch a second product in the local market as well as launching the rest of pattern arts/Fall collection at Brand Applique shop. Soon Brand Applique will offer various pattern arts for DIY projects. They'll be all digital arts people can download and have fun with their creative projects. I'm planing to launch pattern arts for various occasions as well. The direction I'm going to will completely eliminate the issue of international shipping and delivery time. I'm excited just to think about it already. Don't ask me why I'm so hyperactive.. it's my passion, friends..

Don't forget to check a.angkana website on August 12 for a surprise freebie. It's going to be awesome for people who love handmade stuff. (for dudes..I'm not going to give away gadgets or laptops.. ok? just girly stuff.. you may not be interested.. but you're more than welcome to visit a.angkana)

be back next month!