Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My New-Year's Resolutions

(Leaving work at 6 pm sharp!)

February 20, 2008

Well well...thank god today is a public holiday. That means I will have all day writing my blog, emailing to friends, and having a long phone conversation with Tim, which normally we could spare only 5-10 minutes max. per phone call/per day.
'Work has been crazy'
I was under impression, when accepting an offer for a Design Manager position, that moving up to a management level would help me get out of work early. After all, my assumption is proved to be wrong. LOL.

I've been asked about my current job and a company I work with. To save my precious time corresponding, I'm going to post it in details here;

I've worked for an Australian Design Consultancy based in BKK. it's not a Design Firm, nor Advertising Agency. It's a company that provides a full range of design services to Aviation, Hotel, and Airport business. The company offers services ranging from Cabin Crews training(training courses and crews recruiting), Aircraft (Interior - seat, fabric, and floor design), Catering (food&Beverage, packagings, and menus) , Airport Lounges for world famous clients such as Cathay Pacific, ANA, British Midlands, Savoy Moscow, Shangri-La hotels and Resorts. All of the above won't happen without a great deal of visual communication. It's where Design department does magic on astonishing print work and presentations.

The great benefit of working for the company is an opportunity to explore a new business territory - to learn what's out there besides Advertising business. My daily job involves managing Design team, liaising with Project Managers locating oversea, and maintaining the look and feel of the company through print collateral.

So far I've enjoyed my new role. However, managing and dealing with people are a great pain. Sometimes I miss the time I could hide alone in my cube and designed creative work. My respected Creative Director said to me once I was fortunate to do the job I love and did not have to deal with others. I'm beginning to understand what she meant by that now.

Therefore my new-year's resolutions for 2008 are;
1. getting out of the rat race as soon as I can.
2. getting out of the rat race as soon as I can.

and...getting out of the rat race as soon as I can.

Happy Holiday :)