Friday, October 26, 2007

Is life full of surprise

NOTE: the last day of October is approaching and it occurred to me I should write something before the month ends.

Q and A

Q: Where have I been?
A: Having a few job interviews here and there, eventually decided to take a job offer from a decent design firm. My employment started a couple of days ago.

Q: My own business?
A: Still do it. Will do both at the same time until the business's strong enough I can do it full time.

Q: Life in general?
A: No fun. Getting back to work is not fun as I wished. In fact, it involves too many cups of coffee, stress, headaches, and long hours of dedication. I feel like I'm losing passion over those factors. Being independent for 7 months was boring BUT peaceful.

A: Life is full of surprise. I thought things'd get better after Tim and I landed a job. We both now have a decent job. But I haven't yet felt contented. Confusing.

A: LOST and not (yet) found
My passion. My willpower. And my sparkle eyes.

In case I don't have time to update anything next week, just want to give you a heads-up that Matt B. is arriving next Tuesday (Oct.30) I'll write about him when I have a chance next time.

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