Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Brand Building - Bean&Leaf

September 19, 2007

Part of my future plans is to build my own brand, which led to my current interest in developing a brand identity for domestic tea Market. Speaking of its taste, Thai tea is second to none. However, it's been a big disappointment after seeing a number of tea products in the Thai market, none of those has differentiated itself from its competition. Thai consumers still opt for well-known and/or imported brands because of its worldwide recognition. Bean&Leaf is created based on the need to refining tea packaging, and to creating brand identity that has equal standard to internationally well-known brands.

Below is some samples of Bean&Leaf tea package;
Let me know how you think about it. Would you pick them up from a shelf?

Herbal Tea packaged in a clear bottle. Ideally the plastic bottle
will be replaced by tin can.

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