Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Sacred Hideaway, Samet Island

June 11, 2007 - Our first and official grand trip

Samet Island was actually my first priority on my must-go list. I have special bond to the Island. It'd take up the whole page if I was going to explain why and how. To keep it short, Samet Island had been a big part of my life growing up. There was times I was going through a difficult time. I packed up my stuff and came to the island alone. A few days later, I was revived. As simple as that, it helped me get through one of those days a number of times.

After a week-long (non-stop) celebration of Mr.J and B's arrival, which involved booze, shopping, sightseeing, and booze(and more booze), we decided to leave the crazy city for a serene place like Samet Island. Three boys and I hopped in a bus the following day. One of them was Tim, and the two other were Mr. J and B who came all the way from the US to make their dreams come true.

Two hours and forty minutes later, we arrived in Rayong. There we met up with K.Brian, our good friend who also used to live in Chicago. He offered to show us around and took us to the island. As we got closer to it, I could feel my excitement glowing. I looked at it up close. It'd been 8 years I'd been away and my love hasn't aged a bit. The dirt road was still there. The sand was still white. And the clarity of ocean...still took my breath away. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Samet is my sacred hideaway. For someone, the island may not live up to their expectation. For me, it's everything I've asked for. Even this time, it did its magic on me again. My 'homesick' vanished. (if you know what I was referring to...)

Samet is a well-known island in Rayong. The city's located on the Gulf of Thailand, about 190 km from Bangkok. Getting there is easy. We took an air-conditioned bus at the Ekkamai bus station, which leaves every hour. The bus arrived at a ferry pier in Rayong. From there, we took a half an hour ride ferry to the island.


  1. Appledapple - Love the photos! You guys gotta frame the one with you and Tim on the elephant. Like the hat Tim is wearing in the Chiang Mai pictures...he stole that look from me didn't he :-)

    And hey who's that guy sitting with you in the 2nd Samet photo?

    Say hi to Tim for me!

  2. P'Tony ;}

    Where do you go on Sundays? Not an apartment on Kenmore anymore.. huh?
    We missed hanging out with you. In fact we talked about you while we're in Chiang Mai that we wished you're here with us. (._.)

    The guy who's in the 2nd Samet photo is a friend of Tim. He and his friend are here for diving courses and will be around for a long while. Apple

  3. How filled with fortune you are to have a place like this for retreat! I wish everyone had one. (But, especially me, I mean, come on — really!)

    "... For me, it's everything I've asked for. ..."
    and that is all that matters on your small piece of geographical peace. amen.

  4. Miss hee hee hee,
    I'm sure you have one too. The place where the sky is always blue and filled with dark, tall, and handsome guys. it's where the idea of living life is most priority. And It's where the only choice of drink on a menu is wine! I'm certain you'll make it there some day. ;-)


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