Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Note on a (seem-to-be) Normal Day

This morning, I read the local/global news as usual. Here's what I found;

Chicago this week weather forecast: Min. 64F Max. 83F
Bangkok this week forecast: Min. 77F Max. 90F , with widespread thundershowers across the country until end of May.

Do those figures put you on alert? Yes? No?

Whether you notice or not, it's happening. What we thought that's so far away from reality is coming to pass at a fast pace. The Global Warming consequences take early effect and congratulate to every one of us, we can see and feel it in our lifetime now.

Chicago temp. at this time of year isn't supposed to be warm as the record. Bangkok, on the other hand, isn't supposed to have heavy rain until the rainy season, which begins from June-October. Well, it has rained "everyday" since mid April and continue into May. Widespread rainfalls are expected throughout this month. I've been told it's just a tropical storm. It could happen during the draught season and it'll be gone soon.

O.k., I'll believe them.

I'll try to pretend there's nothing to worry about. I'll try to pretend the reason I'm awaken by the sound of heavy rain pouring down on my roof as if the sky is furious every day, is nothing but the out-of-season storms. It will come and go.
I'll try to pretend Global Warming won't affect my daily life. I still have shelter, food, and clothes. What else do I care about?

And for those whose lands got flooded and their farms which's the only source of
income got destroyed by the storms. They can re-build it next year when the weather's back to normal, right? Nothing is in danger, and not to worry about.

I'll try to be ignorant.

what about the global economy, food, and pollution? if we don't take action immediately, it'd be too late to fix. We're not dealing with human here, we talk about the mother nature, the Earth, the World - the place we all live on. What if some day the Earth's atmosphere's devoid of oxygen and its food sources're depleted. What'd we breath in? What'd we consume?

I'll try to be ignorant.

Global Warming is no longer a fictional.
But wait, the topic is too serious. I'm not ready to discuss it. Besides, who cares about Global Warming. Look around. Nobody cares because their life sucks enough that they can't even make ends meet.

I rather put a stop to it and go shopping.

I'll try to be ignorant.


(The rain is pouring down at the moment)


Here are steps that we can do to help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere

1. Make sure the dishwasher and washing machine are full before running them to save energy and money.

2. Unplug your cell phone charger, TV and other electronics from the wall when you're not using them. Even when turned off, they use small amounts of energy.

3. Make sure to turn off lights and other energy-sucking devices when they aren't being used.

4. If you're leaving your computer for a while, put it on stand-by. You'll be able to restart it quickly, and it'll take less energy than shutting it down and then restarting it.

5. Do not leave the water taps on if not in use and turn off the taps properly, because one drop of water per second would waste 2,700 gallons of water per year.

6. Use reusable bags whenever you can. A plastic bag could take up to several hundred years to decompose.

For more tips, check out

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