Saturday, February 10, 2007

Take a piece of Land of Smile

Frequently Asked Questions as to Thailand

1. What is Thailand
Thailand is a country located in South-East Asia bordering the Gulf of
Thailand, between Burma and Cambodia. Its shape is
similar to an Ax. It's visible in the world map if you look for it.

2. What are people born in Thailand called?
Called Thai. Not Taiwanese. Not Chinese. Just Thai.

3. What language do Thai people speak?
Thai. Not Taiwanese. Not Chinese. Only Thai. Period.

4. What the heck does that Thai mean?
It means "freedom" in Thai language. As Thailand
is the only country that's never been colonized by
anyone. So please give respect to its name.

5. What does my last name mean?
means "god protects my family" ok? I know it's mouthful
and ridiculously long. But it is my family name.
Isn't that question off the topic?

6. Do Thai people live in a jungle?
YES. And we ride elephants to hunt for food. We live
in a house made of banana leaves.
Sometimes we eat worms and rats just for fun.
(forgive me my thai folks. Someone dared ask me
that question so I had to make up the story to please

7. What is a capital city of Thailand?
Bangkok, the name recognized by non-native Thai.
Krung Thep, the name recognized by Thai.
Krung Thep means the city of angel.

8. Can you define Bangkok (Krung Thep) in one sentence?
It's a big and big and big and big and big and big city.

Ok... better explanation. Bangkok is the capital and largest
city of Thailand, with an offical census population of approximately
10 million. It is also the wealthiest and most populous city in
Thailand. As it's a very old city, therefore the city doesn't have grid.
You can walk right off the shopping district to see an old temple
and ruins. And that's why it's such a lively and vibrant city.
Please look it up if you want to know more.

9. How's the overall climate?
Thailand has 3 seasons – Summer, Rainy, and
(used to)Winter,
Nowadays, it's hot all year round with a temp. between 80-95 F.
April and May are the hottest months of the year.
December and January are ideal for visiting as the coldest months.

10. Why are you still moving back home then?
s-s-s-h-----u---t up

I know Thailand is not perfect. But I'm not perfect either.
I will enjoy what it has to offer and will get accustomed to the ugly parts.
Just like how we treat our love ones.
Besides, perfection is kinda boring.. don't you think?

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