Thursday, May 28, 2009

Open letter to Richard

May 28 2009

I've received this email from Richard after I sent out an invitation to my store. Love his words so much I want to share it with you. Richard, hope you don't mind the open letter.

Quoted (Richard)
....Good to hear from you, congrats on starting your new business. I went through your web site and enjoyed it and found it interesting. I like the words “Brand Applique” especially the french word “Applique”.
Things around are pretty much the way they were when your were down this time last year. The economy has to pick up soon,
Its a gutsy thing to start a business during these times. However many businesses were started up during difficult times. A fellow named Leo, during the depression started an ad agency, and his friends said the within time he would be selling apples on the street. That person was “Leo Burnett” and to this day apples are given out on each LB floor of 35 East Wacker.

So best of luck and much success.

Apple's correspondence:
Hi Richard,
A million thanks to your encouraging email. I know it's extremely difficult to start up a business during this time. Obviously I had 2 options - either sit back and do nothing, hoping for the global economy to recover soon OR doing something. And I think you know my character and the option I was going with. There's a great possibility my business may fail, and I may go bankrupt. But put a positive spin to this, whatever the outcome is, I've immensely learned about running the business. The business itself requires all my time to stay alert in the global trend and networking. It's a hands-on experience - better than taking MBA classes and learn from text books. It's a great investment in term of learning and experiencing the real world, yet gaining revenue would be a plus to that. Of course, I'm nervous too, but where there's a will, there's a way. Several successful business started up during difficult times. I just need to experiment it until I find my niche market and vice versa. I'm also lunching products in a local market - they'll be all fashion related. Thai girls are trendy and willing to spend extra bucks to make themselves look fab. I've created products based on domestic and international trend - both are different niche market. I'm more worried about international market though. As the big drawbacks are to become a trusted seller and an issue with the cost of international shipping. Nobody wants to buy a product from a store that has no review and located in a foreign country...huh... That's my homework - to break the barrier.
We all learn from our mistakes. I'm learning too. Nothing comes too easy unless we're willing to take a risk and learn from our mistakes. We're given only one life. Live it.

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