Saturday, March 21, 2009

Job Hunting

March 21 2009
I had been procrastinating on writing the entry. But thinking you may want to know what's happening in my life so here it is... I'm back on a job-hunting market again. There came a sudden and shocking announcement on the 10th of this month - the closure of Bangkok head quarter office; resulting from the worldwide impact of the recession, our business is in the luxury, high-end services which is nice-to-haves but not the must-haves. Most of us took the news in a calm and professional manner. On a positive note, out of generosity of CEO, we've got a decent surveillance package that'd keep us sane for a long while.

My last day of employment is March 31. After that, I have to start looking into my career path.. my goal.. and possibilities.. I always keep my options open and this time I need to get it into the right direction. Time is so precious I can't afford to loose a single minute wandering in a wrong direction. Nervous but also excited about my future as things always happen for a reason.

Since last week I started freelancing for an ad agency. The freelancing option works best at this time as I need some time to figure something out. In retrospect, I had turned down a few freelance projects - thinking I prefer to use up my energy on my business to someone else's. Surprisingly, freelancing was not a bad idea at all. I had so much fun on that project. The deadline was tight I had to be up all night to finish it. I got my adrenaline pumping and going, like I was high the entire time. I love that feeling! Now I know my passion for design will never go away from me...

and as always... unti then...

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  1. apple! hi! Sorry to hear about your job, but it sounds like you are busy being just as prosperous by freelancing.
    I too got let go in Feb. but business in chicago is dead and there are hoards of ad people on the streets.
    I hope all is well with you. I will find your e-mail and write further. I had to get a new laptop and don't have my addresses that were stored.
    Happy 35th!!!!!


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