Sunday, December 28, 2008

I've lost my wisdom...

December 28 2008
5:50 PM

I had it removed on Friday, my wisdom tooth. The tooth did not bother me but according to my full-mouth X-ray, it's impacted so my dentist suggested the tooth to be extracted.

It was a complicated procedure - about 2 hours long. At some point during pulling and drilling and pulling (again) process, I was beginning to question my decision -- well, the tooth was doing fine underneath my gums for over decades ---and causing no troubles --- but why do I trouble it? Should I not trouble the trouble, until trouble troubles me?

Anyway.. after the surgery, I felt a bit silly with my decision --my jaw bone got swollen and I expected my facial inflammation in the next 24 hours.

It's December and this month has always been my favorite. It's the month people are giving and sharing happiness to one another. But it's also the time I sit down and look at my wish list - things to do before I die. The list is not long at all,
in fact, it has only one wish--- but I can't accomplish it yet.

Hope you're working on your wish list too. Don't loose hope and stay out of troubles. Some day we'll get to sit down and share our dreams altogether.

No matter where you live, I'm wishing you a very happy life in the year 2009.

Nothing beats 'good family, good lover, and good friends'

Happy New Year

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