Sunday, August 24, 2008


Did not mean to be away this long...I just had a lot to do during these times - mostly catching up with my old friend 'da booze' .....Back in June, our sister company had a grand-opening party and our given brief was to design a catchy invite.
So here it is - the invite was silk screened on a sheet of canvas (placemat size), wrapped in aluminum canister. And the canister was packaged in a custom-made paper box. The challenge on this assignment was not only to create an eye-catchy invitation but we also had to stick with given production budget . Guess how much it cost to make each of them?

The answer is
It cost only $3US!!! - even less than a cup of 'grande' latte or cappuccino at Starbucks.

Then came JULY, seemed like my life in July was involved in only a couple of activities - partying and shopping. It was that
mid-year annual sales - you know like the ones in Chicago but more festive. Every mall I went lured me away with oversized FLASHY RED bargain signs and inviting numbers like '70% off' ...Omigod... some malls even had its sale going on until midnight. So that's that. Thanks to its marketing/advertising departments, I wasted my whole month on the shopping spree. Very productive(!)

Last but not least, my Chicagoan friends, I'll be in Chicago from mid SEP - early OCT for a vacation. Hope we can meet up and
paint the town red. See ya soon!

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