Friday, March 30, 2007

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Here, people are obsessed with superstition.
Every essential step of opportunity or change they take on in their lives engaging a ceremony of bringing good luck to the beginning. As someone once said, "to be in a right place at a right time requires luck." And to have that luck, the whole process involves a predictor of future such as Astrologer, Fortune Teller, Palm Reader, and so forth. People will take their identity to the predictors, and have him/her looked at it in-depth. The predictors study their information and inform them of future possibilities and proper timing to take action in such business. Moreover, people go to the predictors when in need of blessing for their wedding ceremony, housewarming, baby shower, business grand-opening, and etc.

Tim and I got to observe the tradition as one of our business needed advice from a predictor. When we lived far away, we did things up on our availability. We could no longer do that as we now live in a different culture. However, we're open to a new experience as long as it doesn't hurt us and keeps our significant others happy.
The predictor took our birth date, time, month, and year, along with other information, then studied them. She looked into our past and a year ahead of us.
She gave us a warning on a few things as well as handing out a fortune day to deal business, a color for our new car, and so forth. In deed, it was a fun experience. After our long conversation with her, we learned that before she got into this study, she was a pharmacist, then a lawyer, later a business person, and eventually found herself drawn into the mysterious, yet intrigue study. She has studied in the field over 5 years now. And we could tell she's not hosting a phony show.

The study about unseen future's remained mysterious and unexplainable act. People who don't believe in it make fun of other believers. We look at it as a different field of study. Whether our future is predictable or not, the most benefit to this is to gain confidence in people when they hesitate to change their path. Self-assured people tend to have more ability to conquer any obstacle. And that's what it counts.

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